Yonkers Force JV Dominates Crosstown Rival Yonkers Brave JV in Final Game of the Season

In a thrilling and sunny Saturday morning showdown, the Yonkers Force JV football team delivered a remarkable performance in their final game of the season, overpowering their crosstown rivals, the Yonkers Brave JV, with a commanding score of 34 to 14. This remarkable victory was a testament to the outstanding teamwork and individual talent of the Force JV players. The Force JV’s star quarterback, #17 Omar Areche, showcased his incredible skills on the field. Areche’s arm was on fire as he delivered over 225 passing yards, connecting with his receivers for three remarkable touchdowns. His passes found their mark in the end zone, targeting #31 Garrison Brown, #16 Tyshawn Littlefoot, and #88 Eric Drobnak. However, Areche’s talent was not limited to his arm; he demonstrated his ground game prowess with an impressive 65 rushing yards, including two more touchdowns.

Garrison Brown, who has been a standout player throughout the season, continued to shine in this game. Brown accumulated over 35 rushing yards and 65 receiving yards, with a fantastic 5-yard receiving touchdown. His two-way prowess was further evident when he secured an interception, further adding to his contributions. Wide receiver #88 Eric Drobnak was a key player in the victory, tallying an impressive 80 receiving yards, including a crucial touchdown. He also contributed with 25 rushing yards and made his presence felt on the defensive end with three tackles. #16 Tyshawn Littlefoot had his best outing of the season, racking up over 75 receiving yards and a well-deserved touchdown. His contributions were instrumental in securing this victory.

The Force JV defense was on fire, with #28 Noah Hernandez making a game-changing play with a 75-yard interception return. This remarkable return set the stage for another Force JV touchdown, helping them maintain their dominant lead. This week’s Player of the Week undoubtedly belongs to #17 Omar Areche, who displayed continuous improvement and an elevated level of play every week. Areche’s statistics speak for themselves: 225 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and 2 rushing touchdowns. His exceptional performance was pivotal in leading the Yonkers Force JV to a 4-4 season record.

Coach Dan and Coach Mitrione

In closing, the Yonkers Force JV’s victory over their crosstown rivals, the Yonkers Brave JV, marks a memorable end to their season. The exceptional performances of key players like Omar Areche, Garrison Brown, Eric Drobnak, Tyshawn Littlefoot, and Noah Hernandez have left a lasting impression and set the stage for an exciting future. With a 4-4 season record, the Force JV has shown they have what it takes to dominate on the gridiron. Here’s to another season of exhilarating football in the years to come!

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