Tough Battle for Yonkers Force JV Football: North Rockland Prevails 38-6

In a thrilling face-off between Yonkers Force JV football and North Rockland JV football, the scoreboard may not have been in Yonkers’ favor, but there were moments that showcased the talent and determination of the team. Despite the 38-6 loss to North Rockland, Yonkers Force had several standout performances that fans won’t soon forget.

The game was marked by a valiant effort from Yonkers Force, who faced a formidable opponent in North Rockland. Quarterback #17 Omar Areche led the charge, displaying his skills both in the air and on the ground. Areche was a force to be reckoned with, racking up an impressive 144 passing yards. He connected with his talented wide receivers, #88 Eric Drobnak and #6 Bryant Easley, who played a crucial role in the offensive game plan.

Brian Garland #6 makes a 39 yard reception to the 2 yard line to put Yonkers Force witin striking distance

Eric Drobnak made a significant impact with 3 receptions for 69 yards, showcasing his ability to make big plays downfield. Meanwhile, Bryant Easley proved to be a reliable target, amassing 4 receptions for 75 yards. Their chemistry with Areche was evident, as they executed precise routes and made crucial catches throughout the game.

Omar Areche didn’t just excel in the passing game; he also showcased his dual-threat capabilities. With 64 rushing yards and a touchdown to his name, Areche demonstrated his versatility as a quarterback. His touchdown was a shining moment for Yonkers Force, and it served as a testament to the team’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite this challenging loss, Yonkers Force JV football maintains a strong spirit and determination. With a 1-1 record in the Class AA league, they have shown they can compete at a high level. Next week, they have an opportunity to bounce back in the standings as they face the White Plains Tigers. This upcoming matchup presents a chance for Yonkers Force to regroup, refine their strategies, and come back stronger in their quest for success.

As fans of Yonkers Force JV football, we’re excited to see how this team continues to evolve and grow throughout the season. Their dedication and passion for the game are undeniable, and with each game, they gain valuable experience and build a brighter future for the program. Let’s rally behind them as they prepare to take on the White Plains Tigers and make their mark in the Class AA league. Go Yonkers Force! 🏈💪🏆

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