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Average 40 Time Based On Age & Position

By Grant Caraway

Below we will be discussing the average 40 time based on your age and position. I hope this can help!

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So the two age brackets for each position group will be ages 13-15 (so 7th grade-9th grade) and then ages 16-18 (10th-12th grade). I don’t write this to discourage anybody, your 40 time is not as important as you think. This is just a good gauge to see where you are at and if you feel you can get faster or not. The 40 is so technical, a bad start can be the difference between a 4.6 and a 4.4- so don’t get so caught up in the exact number. 

QBs: Ages 13-15: 5.5-5.0
Ages 16-18: 4.9 or below (not super important for QBs)

WRs/DBs: Ages 13-15: 5.3-4.8
Ages 16-18: 4.8 or below 

RBs: Ages 13-15:   5.4- 4.9
Ages 16-18: 4.9 or below

LBs: Ages 13-15:  5.5-5.1
Ages 16-18: 5.1 or below

O-Line: Ages 13-15: 6.0-5.8 (doesn’t matter too much)
Ages 16-18:5.7- below (doesn’t matter too much)

D-Line: Ages13-15: 5.8-5.4
Ages 16-18: 5.4 or below- this can vary

First Down Training founder Coach Grant Caraway was a former high school and collegiate QB/WR And he currently train over 150 QBs & WRs in the Southern California area. Make sure you follow him on instagram at @firstdowntraining

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